These 7 Traits Could Make You A Successful Student Entrepreneur

9 Apr 2016    07:49 pm

These 7 Traits Could Make You A Successful Student Entrepreneur


‘Start-ups’ is the buzz word now a days. Aspiring to dream young and making it a reality is no more a humongous task. Some start late and some early, as early as being in school or college. College could lay the perfect foundation for your idea over a cup of tea if you have a startup mentality. You need not be the geek who is into books and ends up grabbing the best of job offers during campus placements with the best salary packages.

Things have changed for the better now as we see college nerds looking for opportunities, opportunities which work, which are viable and which might create a storm. Being a student entrepreneur comes with working on concept(s) hoping to build into something big!

So, who makes a good student entrepreneur, what makes a successful student entrepreneur or what traits should student entrepreneur’s posses to make it count? Here are 7 key traits that student entrepreneurs should posses while pursuing their dreams.

1. Know Your Idea Well
You are as good as your idea. Your knowledge about your concept should speak volumes of it. You should be well versed with the basic nuances as they are bound to be tested on many grounds by others. Try not to reveal much about how your idea intends to address the solution or service.

2. Have A Vision
Without a vision you head nowhere. Have a vision for your idea which could be possible, that may be achievable in all probability with a roadmap attached to it.

3.   Be Persistent
Another important trait any student entrepreneur should posses. Your perseverance will play a key role in determining the success of your concept. Knowing that your idea is right and has a market for it is just half the job done. Don’t forget that all big ideas do not make successful stories but your perseverance can surely make it big with the right amount of work you put in.

4. Build A Time Schedule

As a student entrepreneur it’s very important to have a timetable which provides the time to do all but

work on your business idea. You’ve got to juggle with time in such a manner that you do stay focused on

your idea without missing out on academics. Time management will help reap greater benefits.

5. Build A Strong Team & Network

It’s always better to have a team of like-minded people who believe in your concept and support you in

every way. A good team can always prove to be helpful in achieving long term goals. A good team

should always consist of people who complement each other and help build a good network. A strong

network helps build strong relationships which again might prove useful to you and your idea in the long


6. Welcome Criticism

While sharing your concept with friends don’t forget to be open to criticism. Healthy criticism may

sometime serve as a boon to make your idea better. Not all fingers are the same, so acknowledge

criticism to know where you stand as you might have missed out on something important.  

7. Do What You Love & Make The Most Of It

Remember, college comes just once in your life, so make the most of enjoying college life along with

your friends. Do what you love and take pride in it. So, don’t forget to study hard, work hard and party


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