Things to avoid while writing fresher’s resume

18 Apr 2015    03:58 pm

             Resume acts as very crucial element while attending an Interview and also plays a key role in getting a job. Resume acts a self marketing tool and helps to introduce Job seeker very efficiently to the recruiter. So it is very important to prepare resume efficiently to get the effective resume.

             If you are a fresher Resume is very important for you. Here we presented few tips which should be avoided while preparing a fresher resume.

Photograph In resume:

There is no need to keep photograph in fresher’s resume unless you are applied for modeling or fashion industry.

Incorrect Address in resume:

You should not write any mistake in the contact address. Check everything twice. Because if your phone number is not working it will make the hiring manager gets irritated and finally you are the looser.

Short Resume:

The length of fresher resume should not exceed one page. If that is not possible for you use two pages don’t exceed more than that.

Objective in resume:

Objective section should explain the Hiring manager how interested the job seeker is to do that job . Along with that the ambition should be clearly explained. Totally objective is the most eye catching thing in the resume.

Badly formatted resume:

Format is the most important thing to keep in mind. If your resume format is bad recruiter doesn’t even consider your resume. So good format is always important.

Salary expectation in resume: suggest the fresher’s to keep the salary space negotiable.

Language in resume:

The language the user should use in the resume should be highly professional and formal.

Negative points in resume:

Don’t mention any negative points in the resume if you have any.