Tips To Clear Just a Minute Round in an Interview

18 Apr 2015    03:47 pm

Just A Minute creates terror in minds of many Job seekers who aspire to create brightcareer in information technology these days. No need to worry we help you to clear this round.

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Just A minute session or Just A Minute session is a session where the person should select a topic and speak about it just for 1 minute. In most of the cases Interviewer decides the Just A Minute topics Job speaker should speak on. In the process of recruitment Just A Minute session plays a major role.

  • While you started speaking on the topic Interviewer who do recruitment will check job seekers grammar, pronunciation, sentence formation and spontaneity.

Here we presented some tips to give best at the Just A Minute session and get recruitment easily

  • Try to avoid long sentences and language with complex vocabulary.
  • Interviewers generally look for simple English.
  • Prepare on few common topics before it because this helps you when they asked you to choose the topic.
  • Don’t try to repeat your ideas at any cost. Try to share something new as they given you only one minute.
  • Avoid words like and, but in between where ever possible
  • Try to avoid Mother tongue Influence at maximum; this will create impression on you.
  • Avoid Negative words or sentences
  • Try to use words like However, Definatly, Certainly where ever possible.
  • Have few mock JAM sessions before your friends ask them to monitor your performance.

Some of the important JAM topics:

  1. Are films only for entertainment?
  2. Fresher’s Day; is it breaking the ice?   to make people who have not met before feel more relaxed with each other, to start a conversation with someone you have not met before
  3. Engineering is a right platform to take-off for a bright career
  4. Are Engineering Colleges really producing professionals?
  5. Technical fests in Engineering Colleges
  6. Do we really have freedom of speech?
  7. Human being most advanced and powerful species on earth. Is that so?
  8. Sometimes wars are the best solution to a problem.
  9. Are we really working for our Goals?
  10. Is there any future to languages other than English?
  11. Role of youth in Global warming.
  12. Examination Stress on students
  13. Is there telephone etiquette among students?   Etiquette meaning ---The rules and regulations that need to be followed in that particular environment. Etiquette in simpler words is defined as good behaviour which distinguishes human beings from animals
  14. Staying in touch all the time is not a good thing.
  15. Role of youth in Vandalism.----- (1) is to ruin or destroy someone else's property. (2) destroy something that is not yours.
  16. Role of Women in economic growth
  17. Mother symbol of selfless love
  18. Role of Mother in family survival and growth
  19. Going abroad
  20. Reading habits on the decline
  21. Music in Telugu movies
  22. Smoking and social awareness
  23. Are there any peaceful ways to agitate
  24. Role of students in agitations
  25. Is progress and expansion possible without threatening forests and wildlife?
  26. New year resolutions are out of favour.
  27. We cannot take political speeches seriously.
  28. Web counseling a boon or bane?
  29. Wisdom lies in applying knowledge.

Philosophical subjects:

  1. Should we be happy with what we have?
  2. What is intelligence?
  3. What is the self?
  4. Are humans animals?
  5. Are humans more intelligent than other animals?


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