Effective Tips to Prepare for the Exams : Brace Yourself Exams are coming !!

5 Nov 2016    01:37 pm

Tips to Prepare for the Exams :


Exams are on the way and  your study table might have piled up with plenty of textbooks, guides, All in one notes, References and lot more, and you might be sitting there looking at the Syllabus book to figure out what to study !!



Brace up yourself to study the whole years syllabus before  the exams, I will share you some of the tips to study and Remember effectively before the exam !!


1. Do not panic :


The fear of exams should not stop you to prepare the exams, Whenever you are starting the preparation, It may be a week before the exam or 3 or 4 days before the exam, Do not panic !!


2. Figure out what to Study:



Sit down and memorize the things and concepts you remember that have been taught in the class, write them down on a paper.

Next write down the chapters related to them to make your study easier !! 

Give more  priority to the well known chapters, Then the Little known and if time helps go to the least known !! 


3. Form a Study Group : 



Form a group with your friends who would help you study without any distractions,

Discuss the Topics that you, explain them the concepts that makes your memory stronger


4. Try to use an Handbook while Studying :


Note down the important points in short form and if the subject has  Diagrams practice it at least once

Also write down the formulae concepts in short forms, Helps you to memorize !!

5. Do Not forget to Revise :


Revision is very important, You No need to study the whole book for the  exam, study the part or the chapters you feel you are good at and revise it again and again, explaining them to others will help !!


Follow this five Effective tips that help to prepare for the exams in an effective way. 


Ill share some of the things that would distract you from preparation,Try to avoid this !!


  • Mobile Phone, Try to use mobile phone less while studying, put your phone on silent mode !!
  • Do not ask others about their preparation, while this will distract your preparation and also will put you in Panic !!
  • Do not eat heavy food that makes you feel sleepy while preparing !!
  • Do not sit in an noisy place, it makes you loose concentration !!
  • Do not choose bed to study, The comfort will make you sleepy, Study table is the best place to study !!
  • Wake up early to revise and also take enough sleep of 6 to 7 hours !!

So,Here you go follow this tips to score good in the exams and also present your paper neat with good consistent handwriting and diagrams to score good marks,

Good luck for your exams ansd Stay tuned to get more tips for Exams !!