Tomorrow ( 02/09/2015 ) RTC Buses and Autos Bandh in Hyderabad

1 Sep 2015    01:46 pm

Tomorrow RTC Buses and Autos Bandh in Hyderabad

Jntuh jntu hyderabad colleges 02 september 2015


The National Highway Safety's subsequent general strike against the bill tomorrow in Hyderabad city buses, autos are going to bandh tomorrow. To succeed in this strike, which will be held across the country, a majority in the RTC, auto trade unions were ready. 3800 Greater Hyderabad city busesmore than 20 lakh auto-rickshaws are going to be Bandh. The main RTC Employees Union and Telangana Mazdoor Union taking part in the strike Tomorrow.

AITUC, IFTU workers went on strike in Telangana auto drivers welfare community support. To set up a separate welfare board for auto workers, auto Union leaders are demanding to Terminate the Chalaans.