Top 5 Questions asked in a Job interview, and the best way to answer them !

3 Aug 2017    04:51 pm

It's Placements time !!

Recordly the most important and critical time in every Students life. Cracking a Job interview is still considered as one of the most difficult tasks which certainly isn't! 

All you need is a little Preparation! 

While you must have to spend your whole time to mug up the technical answers from the books or the internet which you might be able to answer but here are some of the questions that don't need any technical knowledge but plays a major role in the selection process.

Here are the few top questions that are commonly asked by the interviewers, Keenly read the answers to the questions to make a positive impact on the interviewer

1. Tellme about yourself?

This question comes right on the face as soon as you get in the interview room, 
Here is the best way to answer it, Keep your introduction simple do not give out too much personal information or the information which is already is on the resume, instead speak about your interests, hobbies, passion and goals.

2. What are your Strengths and Weakness?
Quite a common question also the tricky one, Keep your answers neat, speak about  your strengths that contribute to the job, and while speaking about weakness, try to keep your weakness as positive as possible.

3. Why Should we Hire you?
Also a common question, the interviewer expects you to prove yourself worthy for the job, Prepare the answer according to the job post offered to you, give them at least reasons to hire you, also very important while proving yourself worth do not speak low about your fellow candidates.

4.What do you know about the company?
 This question requires lot of home work, you already need to research and gather knowledge about the 
company, Impress the interviewer by giving a brief about the company and its Vision.

5. what is the expected salary?

In terms of salary, you might have already know the job pay before giving the interview, your answer should be something around the real one, also do not give any explanation or reasons for a particular number, they just need your answer be pretty forward and up to the point.


While these were the most common questions asked in an every job interview and it feels pretty simple to answer them but the fact is 60% of the candidates are not able to answer these simple questions due to lack of confidence.

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