Tour Telangana with ‘Hyderabad pass’ Awesome

10 Mar 2016    08:22 pm

Hyderabad Pass’

With increased focus on tourism in Telangana, the Government is planning to introduce a ‘Hyderabad Pass’ on the lines of ‘London Pass’ a pre-loaded ticket that gives access to all the important tourist destinations without any hassles.

The Tourism Department is working on the finer details of the new concept that would help national and international tourists prepare an itinerary of the places and pay the required entry fee at one go.

“It will be very much on the lines of London Pass, which is a hit with the tourists in London,” said Burra Venkatesham, Secretary, Department of Tourism, Telangana.



The pass can be designed with the preferences of the tourists and is available in one to five day packages and the time-frame can also be extended. Several tourist cities in the world have this concept. The proposed Hyderabad Pass can also be plugged to the personalised hospitality deal package that is being worked out with the NRIs to attract foreign tourists by the Government.

This package to be introduced with the help of Telanganites in other countries will take care of the tourists the moment they land in Hyderabad.

The pre-loaded ticket on the lines of ‘London Pass’ gives access to all important tourist destinations