Turnoff Auto-Play Videos on Facebook and Save Your Internet Data

19 Oct 2015    06:24 pm

These days we are completely irrirated with Auto Play of Facebook Videos. So here is are the Steps to turn of the Auto Play of videos on Facebook.  We have clearly explained the step by step methods to be done to stop playing the facebook videos automatically. By following these steps will give you clear ideas to turn off both on desktop as well as the mobile applications on Android and IOS.


Steps to turn off Auto Play of Videos on Facebook.com / Destop Version

  1. Login to your Facebook account in which you want to turn the auto play feature.

  2. Click here Which redirects you to the facebook settings account. Or You can go to the settings option on Facebook.

  3. Now You can find two options one is about the quality of the video and other one about the auto play function which we are actually looking for. 

  4. So we need to change the setting of the second option. Initially it will be in default mode, once you click on the options you can get 2 more options on and off. Select off option and you are done.


Steps to turn off Auto Play of Videos on Facebook mobile application for IOS and Android 

  • Process to turn off / Disable auto play videos on IOS ( Iphone devices)

  • Process to turn off / Disable auto play videos on Android Facebook Application


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