US visa fraud case: Hyderabad-based broker even changed firm name

8 Apr 2016    03:25 pm


Hyderabad: The recorded transcripts of conversations between the US Homeland Security Investigations agents and company owners, brokers of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana origin, have revealed the extent of the visa fraud network.

Documents of the US District Court (New Jersey). to which DC has access, reveal that Kodali Tejesh, Nimmala Karthik, Dyvarashetty Govardhan and Avinash Shankar had enabled numerous job seekers from India, including Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, to obtain job authorisation fraudulently and had created fictitious documents. Tejesh, who did his BSc Commerce in Badruka Col-lege here, had set up several companies in the US. Of these, Promatrix has been named in the scam.

Tejesh’s firm had students as staff

Documents submitted at the  New Jersey District Court showed that day-to-day business operations, personnel and its location remained constant after the name change from Promatrix to Blue Cold Techs Corporation.

The transcripts revealed that Kodali Tejesh’s company had foreigners as employees with F-1 student visas. In the recorded conversation, Tejest told the undercover special agent that the “students” wouldn’t even come to the University and he would be making money on the placement of the student.