Xiaomi Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks

22 Jul 2015    03:51 pm

Xiaomi Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks

Xiaomi is a Chinese mobile manufacturer who has recently entered Indian markets with various successful devices like Redmi Note, Redmi2, MI, MI4I etc. Since it has created big market, we should identify all hidden features, tips and tricks. Xiaomi is basically a software developing company and hence its mobiles are packed with some exceptional software and features which otherwise you have to install from third party play store application. Here are top tricks and tips to make your Xiaomi even more smarter and none of them require rooting.

1. How to read Regional fonts– No root required:

The Xiaomi handset has support for six Indian Languages including Hindi. But there is no support for Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and many other Indian Languages. The only solution in other handset is to root your phone and install regional fonts. But With Xiaomi, you just install ‘Purple Texture’ theme and activate it in fonts. Lo and behold you can read all Gujarati WhatsApp messages, Gujarati Websites and everything. To activate, go tothemes>Local>download Purple texture theme. And best part is, the theme is absolutely free to download.

Note: Afterwards if you changed your theme, go to Settings>additional Setting>Font>Choose System Font and then check ‘Purple textured’ fonts to continue reading regional fonts with all themes.

2. Enable Guest Mode in New Xiaomi 

So you bought a new phone and everyone is asking for your phone to have a look. But you are apprehensive as the phone has many private photos, messages, calls etc. Here is the safety tip. Xiaomi has a wonderful feature of ‘Guest Mode’. Just turn on the Guest Modeand all your pictures, messages, call history, contacts etc. will be hidden. So your friends or parents can check/ use your phone and you can also be assured of your privacy.

The setting can be activated from Setting>Privacy>Privacy Protection>Guest mode.

3. How to Lock Applications in Xiaomi 

Another top tip and powerful tool to protect your privacy. With in-built lock application you can lock any application you want with password/ pattern. You can lock your WhatsApp, gallery and many other applications. Now, you can be rest assured about privacy of your application.

You can activate this feature through Setting>Privacy>Privacy Protection>App lock.

4. Enable One Hand Mode in Xiaomi Mobile Phones 

One major drawback of big screen handset is that you have to use both hands to hold the phone. It becomes really cumbersome while typing and holding the phone during long chat. Here is an extremely helpful tip. Xiaomi handset has a feature called ‘One hand Mode’. Just swipe left/ right from your home button and your screen will be of 4 inch or 3.5 inch size to left or right side.

You can make the setting of 4 inch or 3.5 inch from setting>Additional Setting>One Handed mode

5. Start Camera from lock screen and other tips to use camera

You have a very good photo opportunity but your phone is locked. Don’t worry, we are here with a tip for it too. In Xiaomi there is a camera icon on the right bottom side even on locked screen. Click on it and your camera will be on in a jiffy. Also, the camera application is loaded with lots of goodies. Left swipe on camera and you have pre-installed filters like mirror, sepia, black and white etc. Right swipe and you will get detailed modes like Panorama, beautify, HHT, timer etc. Swipe up or down to switch between rear and front cameras. All so simple tips, isn’t it? (Note: On Xiaomi Redmi phone with lock screen you can take photo even without doing anything, simply long press home button and wait for shutter sound.

You can activate this from setting>accessibility>buttons)

6. Connection speed indicator 

You always want to check speed of your internet connection. Here is a tip to do so without installing third party software in Xiaomi handset. Go to setting>notification and turn on connection speed indicator. You will always get connection speed in the top notification bar.

7. How to Enable Detailed notification in Xiaomi

You drop down the notification bar and see ’04 messages from 02 WhatsApp contacts’, you don’t want to go to WhatsApp application to see whose messages are those. There is a shortcut tip for this too. Just zoom out in the notification and you will get detailed list of whose messages are those and then you can decide whether to check it or not.

8. ​Tips to Boost Xiaomi Battery Life

With all smart phones, draining battery is a major concern. We have no option but to install third party software for battery saving. Here is the tip to do it without going to play store. With Xiaomi there is in-built feature to adjust different battery modes. Go toSecurity>battery>battery profiles (or setting>additional setting>battery). You can choose from Default, Marathon and sleep modes. Also you can switch to battery saver profile automatically when battery reaches certain % or at certain time. Like you can switch to marathon mode when battery reaches 15% or sleep profile between 10 PM and 6 AM. This is another great tip to boost your battery automatically.

We will continue to update you with all those latest in next articles. If you found these tips useful, just leave a comment in the comment box below and share with your friends.