Young indian Trying A Dangerous Stunt For Selection In ‘India’s Got Talent’, Hyderabad Teen Dies-RIP

12 Apr 2016    06:41 pm


Hyderabad Teen Dies:

A desperate attempt to get into a reality show proved too costly for a youth in Hyderabad as he ended up getting burnt to death. The tragic incident happened in Barkas, Hyderabad's Old City, where Jalil-ud-din, 19, set himself on fire while trying to make a video of doing a dangerous stunt for 'India's Got Talent'.

The accident happened last week when the teen poured kerosene on himself and lit himself at a hill in the area in a bid to pull off a stunt. Since he was not a professional, he sustained severe burns during the process and was rushed to Osmania Hospital. He succumbed to his injuries on Monday night.