The Emotion behind the Student Protest to Cancel TS B.Tech Exams 2020 - Must Read

11 Jun 2020    02:13 pm

The students in Telangana are showing their thumbs up for the protest demanding the cancellation of JNTU-H semester exams and promoting students . They are making the entire educational experts raise their eyebrows by slogans and posts in the name of #StudentLivesMatter".

As per the schedule, the JNTU-H has planned to conduct final semester examinations for the BTech/BPharmacy and MBA/MCA students from June 20. 

In the wake of  COVID-19 Pandemic, Telangana state Government recently decided to promote all tenth class students without holding board examinations due to current situation. This decision made the students and feel happy that the government valued the saying - "health is wealth ". The btech students of jntu hyderabad are expecting the same gentle move from the government. Some of the studentns have spoken to JNTUFORUM and shared their views on cancelling the exams.

Kiran, a student from JNTU-H says "We are not scared of result, we already did that so many times in our educational life. We are scared of being medium for corona virus and bring it to our loved ones and friends."

Shafaisal Kazi, a student asks the government to save the future of young generation by promoting them. He further says " Cancel exams and promote students like Maharashtra govt and Amity University did. Bring some safer and better ideas to give relaxation to students. JNTU-H & OU, please pay attention to our problem."

Jyothi, a student says "Our demand is not that we should not write the exam forever, but our exam should not come at this time "

It's time to fight against our lives. Please do comment and share this message to everyone who really matters our Lives.

#StudentLivesMatter #CancelTSExamsPromoteStudents

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